Monday, June 20, 2005

Meeting the locals (Internet and Otherwise)

Alterations to Acrentropy continue unabated. The latest is a brand new link category on the right side for local bloggers. This came about when I discovered late last week that a blog completely unknown to me had posted a link to Acrentropy. Apparently it's by virtue of (a) my being from Jacksonville and (b) my having an unusual devotion to Chicken Caesar Salad. This young chappy (well, he's three years younger than me, so that'll do) is himself a resident of Cowford-That-Was, and I invite you all to go visit him and the other four new additions.

In other news, my weekend was consumed with two major activities: Visiting the new neighbors and three of their friends on Saturday night, and an expedition with some of my college friends to an Orlando computer show on Sunday. The later took up most of the day and ended up in my purchasing my first laptop: a used IBM Thinkpad with all the bells and whistles for $350 plus tax. My two college friends, who have far more knowledge in this area than I'll ever have, diagnosed the hell out of it before purchase to see if everything was kosher, so I'm pretty confident this little baby will serve me well for a good while.

As for the former event, it was a nice dinner of Paella, Sangria and a combative game of Cranium. Me and the other two guys defeated Mrs. Mosley and the women, and this was all the more astounding as I was the only one of the three of us who's first language was English (Portuguese and Danish for the other two). Mrs. Mosley has been trying to make friends with our neighbors, and I have complemented her on her efforts. It's good to know and share company with people that live only four houses down. If nothing else, it's very convenient when your tipsy on Sangria to be able to just walk home.

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Maki said...

Thanks for the link. I like the sound of young chappy. I will have to make my friends address me by that title from now on.