Monday, June 27, 2005

A note with sincere love to my wife, Mrs. Mosley:

If we ever go to a movie again, as we did this past weekend with Batman Begins,

And If we see that shrill commercial beforehand featuring Fanta's version of the Spice Girls,

And If we enjoy the movie to the extent that all that was shown before, even the trailers, were forgotten due to the superior quality of said film,

And If afterwards in the car on the ride home you start singing, for no particular reason, that tune "FANTA! FANTA! DON'T YOU WANNA? FANTA! FANTA! DON'T YOU WANNA?",

And If on the following Monday your impromptu singing brings that tune, like a horrid sleeping beast that has been roused from his slumber, back again and becomes STUCK IN MY HEAD FOR HOURS ON END,

If, IF this ever happens again ... we're gonna have to have some words.

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