Friday, June 10, 2005

A is for Arlene

Well, It's been about five months, so I guess it's time to change the blog design again. Look for the change over the weekend.

In other news, Hurricane season has begun, and the whole of Jacksonville let loose a collective moan of dread at the news of Arlene heading through the Gulf. The good news is that, at least with this first hurricane, it looks like the most Jacksonville will suffer is a few ruined cookouts. Ah, but the season is still very young. We're all strapping down here, and Mrs. Mosley and I plan on stocking up on some supplies this weekend with our new BJ's club card. We certainly hope we don't have another whole week without power like last year, but we'll prepare for the worst.

Have a good weekend. And to those poor folks in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama: Stay dry.

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